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Recently, I have started a web-based clothing store. As it?s online based and I don?t have a very physical store hence I know that internet marketing is suitable for me personally. I narrowed it down more. I chose Facebook for marketing. Surprisingly, I am doing great. Let me break it down a bit about how powerful Facebook marketing is. Yes, I did ought to present the page in a very beautiful way. I had my designers to produce stunning cover images and Facebook post templates. Yes, they may be reasons why you should get great sales nevertheless, you need those good advertises to achieve in the market to right audience and Facebook is your ultimate partner in that. So I started my page and soon after decorating it, I started boosting post. I added $25 for boosting a post for any week. Thank goodness, I did it. I was sold-out in 5days. Well, I started approximately 120 shirts. The boosting worked wonderfully so that as soon as I was sold-out I decreased the boosting. When the boosting was $25, I used to get about 12-15 sale each day. When I set $5, I was getting 2-3orders every day. So this just explains how effective Facebook boosting is. What I love about boosting is, you can cancel, increase or decrease the payment whenever you wish to. http://kolo.fxlayer.net/

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Hozzávalók: 60 dkg „Emese"Süteménypor, 1 kávéskanál szódabikarbóna, 3 tojás, 10 dkg porcukor, 12,5 dkg vaj vagy margarin, 12,5 dkg méz, 2 k.k. őrölt fahély, 1 k.k. őrölt gyömbér, 1csapott k.k. őrölt szegfűszeg, 3 k.k. reszelt citromhély.

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